Sleep deprivation can make your skin age faster

Sleep deprivation can make your skin age faster

Most of us look a lot less beautiful after a bad night – puffy eyes, dark rings, break -outs and irritable skin. But does regular poor sleep quality equal permanent and premature ageing?

In a new study commissioned by Estee Lauder and conducted by physician-scientists at University Hospitals (UH) Case Medical Center it was found that those who sleep poorly also have increased signs of skin ageing.

Dr. Elma Baron, presented their data this spring at theInternational Investigative Dermatology Meeting in Edinburgh, Scotland: “Our study is the first to conclusively demonstrate that inadequate sleep is correlated with reduced skin health and accelerates skin aging. Sleep deprived women show signs of premature skin aging and a decrease in their skin’s ability to recover after sun exposure.”

For South Africans this link may be even stronger and more detrimental to our looks due to the extent of our UV exposure.

Sleep assists the skin to restore and heal by

  • boosting collagen production which
  • improves skin elasticity
  • decreases fine lines
  • improves pigmentation
  • absorbing cortisol to reduce redness and irritability
  • prevent and heal acne

Indeed, you do need to get yourself some beauty sleep.

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