Here’s how sleeping naked will improve your life…

Here’s how sleeping naked will improve your life…

We all know that eating well and exercising regularly have massive health benefits, but eating well and exercising regularly are not that easy. They take effort… and time…. and motivation – which are often in short supply. Could a healthier and wealthier life be achieved by embracing something as simple as sleeping naked – which takes far less effort, time and motivation?

The research is in and it seems that you would have to be crazy not to sleep in the buff. Here’s how ditching your pyjamas can help you become healthier and wealthier.

1. Healthier

• Less restrictive clothing means better air flow and increased blood flow. This assists your skin health by preventing yeast and fungal infections that thrive in moist, warm environments.

• PJs also disrupt sleep (think twisted night shirts) and add to over-heating (think night sweats). Sleep quality and body temperature have a huge impact on cortisol, growth hormone and melatonin production. These hormones help the body heal and restore preventing diseases such as cancer and the common cold from taking hold of our bodies.

• The other benefit of a lower core temperature is weight loss. A cooler body creates and then burns brown fat to maintain a stable temperature for sleep. A hotter body produces cortisol and gets stuck in this stress-response. Whilst burning brown fat equals weight loss, surviving on high-levels of cortisol equals fat storage.

2. Wealthier

• Whilst only 8% of people sleep regularly in their birthday suit, those that do, appear to be wealthier than the average pyjama-wearing person. Perhaps its all the money they’ve saved on nightclothes?

• Learning to feel more comfortable in your own skin at night could help you ooze confidence during the day too. And confident people get the job, earn more and get promoted more often then their less confident co-workers.

• Sleeping in the nude improves your sleep quality, which means you’ll cope better with stress, make better decisions and be less likely to make mistakes. Bam! You’re making more money already and all you did was take your clothes off!

If health and wealth aren’t enough to make you strip down, then perhaps the promise of feeling happier will? Oxytocin is a ‘feel good’ hormone that is released when we have skin-on-skin contact. Holding hands, hugging and cuddling with your loved one could mean you feel happier all night and all day long.

If you’re sleeping in the nude, good quality bedding becomes more important than ever, right? Sealy’s soft, breathable sheets are made from 100% cotton percale, with a 300 thread count.