Getting Better Sleep in Summer

Getting Better Sleep in Summer

For many people, summertime can make the simple act of falling asleep that much more difficult. The rising heat can make things a little uncomfortable and bugs like mosquitos are making a comeback. If summer conjures up restless nights for you, then here are some summertime sleeping tips to help you ensure that you get a good night’s rest, night after night.

Getting Under the Aircon

For those lucky enough to have an air conditioner in their bedroom, now is the time to use it. If you don’t consider in investing in one that works almost noiselessly so that it doesn’t create a noisy sleeping environment.

Remember though, not to overdo it, which can be bad for your health. It is better to cool the room first before going to bed, and turning the AC off when you do.

If you do choose to sleep with it on, try not to go to temperatures below 23 degrees Celsius.

Cooling Your Body Before Bedtime

Take a cool shower before bedtime on particularly warm nights to help cool it. This will help you fall asleep much more quickly, and will also ensure that your mattress, sheets and duvet cover stay cleaner for longer.

Wearing Light, Breathable PJs

Be sure to keep it light and breathable when selecting pyjamas for summertime, as heavy, hot outfits will almost certainly keep you up at night. Light fabrics such as silk and cotton are ideal for this.

Dealing with Mosquitos

Well, summertime is definitely a time when insects are more active, and there is something to be said about the power that a mosquito has to keep a person up at night. Be sure to invest in unharmful repellents to keep them at bay.

Sleep on a Luxury Mattress

Sleeping on luxury mattresses and beds will also ensure that every night brings with it a great night’s sleep. So, visit the Seal Posturepedic website today to find out more about our offers.