Get fitter, sleep more

Get fitter, sleep more

Could those who sleep longer, actually become fitter?

This is an interesting question as it challenges what we know about most gym buffs – that they train for long hours both before and after dark. Is it truly necessary to rise-and-shine at 4am to get fitter? Or could lying-in actually be a step towards, rather than away, from fitness?

Good sleep and fitness really are great friends.

  • Exercise promotes good, deep sleep. In turn, sleep promotes healing and repair which helps the body perform better during exercise.
  • Exercise produces endorphins that help improve mental health. In turn, a good mood supports regular exercise.
  • Exercise boosts the immune system. A good immune system helps good sleep, but good sleep also promotes a good immune system.

So rather than choosing one over the other, it appears that you may need to make-the-circle-bigger and find a way to embrace both a little more exercise and a little more sleep.

Not sure what you should be aiming for? The professionals recommend:

  1. one hour of activity preferably outside per day (this could be walking your dog, riding a bike to work or chasing your kids around the park)
  2. 6 – 8 hours of quality sleep each day (this could be taken in one stretch or broken up into smaller chunks)

If you can find both a fitness regime and a bed that you love then it should be easier to achieve both of these each and every day.

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