Fitbit helps you sleep your way to better health

Fitbit helps you sleep your way to better health

Fitbit knows that staying healthy is not only about exercise and diet – it’s about good quality sleep, too. At Sealy, we’ve always loved the Fitbit’s sleep-tracking technology, but things just got even better. Whilst the Fitbit One  required you to remove the sensor from the wrist band and wear it in a soft Velcro arm band at night, the Fitbit wrist watches require absolutely nothing special to track your sleep.

Simply wear your watch at night and the sleep-tracking will happen automatically.

What does this do for your sleep?
• Know how much and what kind of sleep you are getting each night
• Track patterns between your daytime activity level and sleep quality
• Use the Fitbit sleep graphs to see how your bedtime impacts your sleep
• Use the Fitbit alarm to wake up each morning in your lightest sleep phase

The Fitbit wristwatches are water-proof, lightweight, comfortable and carry a four to five day battery life.  They track the wearer’s activity through reading heart rate and movement via sensors under the watch face. The Fitbit wrist watch range includes the Fitbit Force, Fitbit Surge and Fitbit Blaze.

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