Essential Tips for Mattress Care

Essential Tips for Mattress Care

We all have mattresses in our homes, which means we all know how much of a hefty investment they can be. Fortunately they are built to last, and can keep you comfortably rested for the entire span of their lives. Still, there are a few measures that you can take to ensure that they give you even more years of lasting comfort. These tips on how to look after your mattress will tell you how:

Keep them Flat to Keep them Firm

You should, at all costs, avoid bending or folding your mattresses since this can cause permanent damage to their springs, and will also likely void their warranties. To avoid this, always ensure that it is on a flat surface, and that when they are being transported or stored, that they remain on or against a flat, unobstructed surface.

Use Mattress Protectors

Mattress protectors keep dirt and dust from your actual mattress, and unlike your mattress, they can be washed without taking damage. If you want to get many more years out of your bed, mattress protectors are an essential addition to your bed-set.

Give an Occasional Light Cleaning

Should the time arise for your mattress to be cleaned, be sure to only give it a light vacuuming, and also be sure not to do it too regularly. Frequent vacuuming will eventually damage the comfort layers, while taking the traditional scrubbing approach of water-based cleaners is also a bad idea. Water will destroy the layers of upholstery on the mattress, since it causes them to warp and compress. This goes for any liquid on your mattress, so be sure, at all times, to keep it dry.

Rotating Your Mattress

To ensure that your mattress retains its firmness and shape, it is a good idea to occasionally rotate it. Simply rotate the mattress clockwise once every two or so weeks for the first 3 months, and do it again every 3 months after that.

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