What is the difference between a Foam & Spring Mattress?

What is the difference between a Foam & Spring Mattress?

Over the years, plenty has been said about the arrival of foam mattresses and the shift of spring mattresses on the market. With great quality mattresses costing a few hundred, are you wondering if there is really a large difference between these two mattresses? Let’s find out!

Spring Mattresses

Also known as coil mattresses, these mattresses are the ones that most people are familiar with. A first in many homes since the industrial era made the production of springs more affordable, spring mattresses have benefited from mass productions to the degree that they are classified as one of the most inexpensive mattresses around.

These mattresses are divided into a range of categories, from continuous coils to open spring to pocket springs. The comfort and support that spring mattresses offer depend on the number of coils. This simply means that the more coils, the more support! To offer you even more comfort, manufacturers add a layer on top of the springs, giving you more cushioning.

Foam Mattresses

Foam mattresses own the ability to adjust to your body’s contour, providing you with a feeling of nestled comfort! This is excellent news for restless sleepers, because of the way the memory foam moulds around your body, tossing and turning will not affect your partner.

It’s the moulding to the shape of one’s body that excites many in the medical industry. By letting your body to be supported evenly, they claim that it improves your sleep health and reduces pressure on your joints – this is excellent news for people that suffer from spinal or joint problems or are recovering from an injury!

Health benefits of foam mattresses extend to the suspicious world of bugs and mites. Because this mattress is made of firm foam, there is very little chance of the core being infested with bedbugs or mites – great news for allergy sufferers!

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