Firm, plush or somewhere in between?

Firm, plush or somewhere in between?

Let’s take the mystery out of buying the right bed. Below are the basic ‘rules’ when trying to find a mattress you love.

Buy a firm mattress if you:
• Are a back sleeper
• Weigh 100kg or more
• Have little or no joint pain

Buy a plush mattress if you:
• Are a side-sleeper
• Weigh 65kg or less
• Need a body conforming mattress to improve your circulation
• Need a body conforming mattress to relieve hip and shoulder pain

Buy a medium mattress if you:
• Vary your sleep position
• Weigh between 65 and 100kg
• Need some support but feel uncomfortable on a conforming mattress

But what do you do if you and your partner vary in terms of height, weight and sleep position?
1. Compromise and buy an extra-length, medium mattress that may suit you both. Individually wrapped pocket spring beds, like the selection in the Sealy Crown Jewel range, offer less partner disturbance.
2. Make up a king-size bed by combining two single beds.
3. Choose the Sealy Posturematic Designer Series that allows each sleeper not only to select their mattress-type but also their sleep position.

When looking for a bed to fall in love with, the most important factor is how the mattress makes you feel. If you have any doubts, then keep going until you find the mattress of your dreams, the one that makes you feel like lying down forever.
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Use the interactive Mattress Comparison Tool on the Sealy website to find the perfect Sealy bed for you.

Written by Roxanne Atkinson