Health Advantages of Memory Foam Pillows

Memory foam pillows offer a number of health benefits. The pillows are outstanding because of the heat reactive cushioning insulator. This means that when pressure is applied on the pillow along with heat, the foam moulds itself to adjust with the object. This is why these pillows shape to the neck and head better than other pillows.

When it comes to quality and comfortable sleep, cost shouldn’t be a concern. This should be kept in mind when memory foam pillows cost the same or more than traditional pillows. Memory foam pillows offer a number of benefits that other pillows don’t provide. These pillows retain shape and last a lot longer than standard pillows. When you are comparing prices of pillows, consider the cost of replacing your pillows over the lifespan of a memory foam pillow.

Pressure Points

Memory foam pillows are designed to outline the unique shape of the body and supports your neck and heat. The foam reforms where it is not pressured, and more where the stress is increased.

Sleep Apnoea

The advantages for those with sleep apnoea are obscure. But, it is believed that the spinal alignment aligns the airways better and allows for easier breathing. The shortage of pressure points with memory foam may benefit those with sleep apnoea, because there will be less tossing around.

Spinal Alignment

Back pain or headaches are usually caused by poor spinal alignment. One of the major health benefits of memory foam pillows is spinal alignment. When your head and neck is placed on the pillow, the warmth of your body allows the foam to reshape itself.


Memory foam pillows hold their shape, and are less likely to go flat like traditional pillows. The foam conforms to fit the head and neck, but when it cools down, it goes back to the original shape. Other types of pillows develop lumps and go flat over time.


Memory foam is a synthetic material and is safe. These pillows are hypoallergenic which obstructs the growth of bacteria and dust mites. This is a benefit for those who experience allergies to features and dust mites.


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The Best & Worst Sleeping Positions

For something that seems so simple, sleep isn’t such a casual thing to perfect. Both too much and too little sleep has been associated to a range of health problems, from diabetes to heart disease. In addition, it’s not the amount of time you sleep that matters, but also the position you are sleeping in. This plays a great role in heartburn, snoring, and wrinkles! Let’s have a look to see if you should consider changing the position you are sleeping in.

Side Sleepers

Advantages: Doctors support sleeping on the left side throughout pregnancy as it assists circulation to the heart, benefiting both the baby and mom. For those who are not expecting, side sleeping also helps ease acid reflux and heartburn.

Disadvantages: Although sleeping on your side may be good for you, it also puts pressure on your lungs and stomach. In addition, as most side-sleepers are well aware of, this position usually causes arm numbness.

Back Sleepers

Advantages: Sleeping in a corpse pose is a blessing for your neck and spine health, as your back is straight and not strained into any position. Back sleeping also helps mattresses do the job of supporting your spine in the right way.

Disadvantages: Occasions of snoring are far more frequent when you are sleeping in this position. In addition, it is worth knowing that a supported spine does not always definitely mean a great night’s sleep.

Stomach Sleepers

Advantages: Sleeping on your stomach alleviates snoring and in most cases of sleep apnea, but that is about all the benefits of sleeping with your belly facing down at night.

Disadvantage: Dosing on the stomach is greatly regarded as the worst position to sleep in. Stomach sleeping flattens the natural shape of your spine, which may result in lower back pains.


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How to Have a Great Night’s Sleep

They say that we spend about one third of our lives sleeping. There are some people that cannot survive without their sleep, while there are others who are running on the minimal amount of sleep and they are very happy with that. It does not matter which person you are, the other person seems crazy. However, the bottom line is that we all love sleep and a great sleep, not matter how long or short. And there are few words to describe how we all feel after a wonderful nap or a great sleep after a long day, when we really need it.

It Might Seem Impossible

For some people, keeping to a regular sleep schedule or daily schedule is not as easy as it is for others. This could be due to various factors, such as work and deadlines, or family dynamics. But that does not mean that because your body clock might not work in your favour, that somethings cannot be done to make your sleep habits and quality a bit better. There are a few things that could help you, such as watching what you eat and drink, and when, or the one or two things that you do before you go to sleep might be problematic.

Food and Sleep

There are rules about eating and going to bed, like do not eat carbs before you sleep, or do not have coffee before bed. It is important to watch what you eat and how much you eat before you go to bed. Such as you should not be drinking too much liquid as that interrupts the sleep process by needing to go to the bathroom. It is highly suggested to avoid, and cut back on sugar and refined carbs before bed as it could also interrupt the sleep process in really important areas of your cycle.

Other factors That Influence Your Sleep

It is not just food that could interrupt your sleep; exposure to certain lights can affect your sleep too. This includes smartphones, tablets, laptops and TVs for about an hour or so before you go to bed. As well as exposing yourself to more natural light during the day so that your body is more aware of night and day time, and making it easier to go to sleep. It is highly suggested that when you want to go to sleep, your room should be dark, so your body knows it is time to go to sleep.


Another great way to have a great night’s sleep is to sleep on a great mattress with the right sleeping accessories. Sealy offers wonderful mattresses that are designed for your body to get the best rest possible. One third of your life is a large fraction of it to not be comfortable while you sleep.

Imagining a Life Without Sleep

During the 30’s, a prominent Spanish Surrealist painter named Salvador Dali came up for himself, with a new way to glean inspiration from his own psyche. As legends have it, the renowned artist would sit for hours, sometimes days, alone in a chair with a metal spoon in his hand. He would do this for hours, depriving himself of sleep, waiting until the spoon would drop as he drifted off, shaking him back into the waking world. As time went by, this would eventually have a strange impact on his mental state. His vision would begin to warp, he would experience auditory and visual hallucinations; which he would eventually structure together and place on a canvas to create some of the most imaginative, original and slightly unnerving artworks known throughout history.

While most of us have never put ourselves through the paces that Dali did, we have all had a brush with sleep deprivation at one point or another. But what happens if we take it a little further, even past Dali’s own breaking point? What would happen if we went for an extended period of time without getting our much-needed forty-winks?

The First Two Days without Sleep

The initial effects of sleep deprivation are comparatively mild to how they progress as time goes on. You may face some mild lapses in concentration, a general degradation in hand-eye coordination. The immune system will also be mildly weakened, leading to a feeling of being generally run-down. Eating habits and cravings for junk food often go hand-in-hand with a lack of sleep; though for the most part, if you get to rest in good time, these effects are reversible and not all that dangerous beyond being a minor inconvenience. So let’s skip two days ahead, where the affects begin to get more interesting and debilitating.

Following the Second Day

By the third day without sleep, you will have a very hard time staying conscious and may suffer from small bouts of sleep; sort of uncontrolled naps, if you will. At this stage you will be over-tired to the point where you may struggle to sleep even if you try. Though perhaps the most alarming of these symptoms, are the auditory and visual hallucinations you will likely start to experience. Though at this point you will still (probably) have the cognitive capacity to be able to deal with these. Though you will feel even more drained, foul-tempered, emotionally unstable and will have even more trouble concentrating when you aren’t drifting off without warning.

The Fourth Day and Onward (Though Definitely not Upward)

By the fourth day, the extreme effects of sleep deprivation being to show in a big way. You will have virtually no control over your emotions and your ability to remain conscious. Massive patches of time will go by in the blink of an eye and your immune system becomes weakened to the point where it is mostly dangerous. You will experience a sharp increase in blood pressure which will raise your risk of a heart attack significantly, while inconsistencies in your metabolism and digestive system could also increase your risk of contracting type 2 diabetes. In short, completely depriving yourself of sleep will likely eventually kill you.

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The Benefits of a Posturepedic Mattress

The Benefits of a Posturepedic Mattress - Sealy Posturepedic

Most people spend their entire lives sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress. There are also people that suffer from insomnia because they are not sleeping on a bed that is comfortable. A Posturepedic mattress is definitely the best investment for those who would like to experience a great night’s sleep.

Firstly, Posturepedic mattresses are made from only the finest quality materials. The bed is manufactured from latex materials with a solid latex core. They begin with a latex core that assists in avoiding dust mites and is antimicrobial. This is definitely a lifesaver for most people who suffer from allergies and sensitive to dust. The core of a Posturepedic mattress offers instant support to your body weight to give you the leg and back support that you require, as well as a healthier sleeping environment. Those are only two ways that a Posturepedic mattress can offer you a healthier sleeping environment as opposed to a traditional spring mattress.

The latex material in the top area where you sleep, just below the pillow top, is an ever-lasting material that will protect against compression and wear over time. This results in not getting those uncomfortable bumps and dips that you experience with traditional mattresses.

A further special feature for more comfort is the way in which the bed is made without springs. The multiple layers of latex foam allow you to feel like you are floating. In addition, there is a stretch knit cover on the top. The box spring is constructed of modules that loosen against pressure put on the bed. This also serves as a shock absorber for the bed later sleeping will be a smooth ride.

The box spring supports also provides you with high technology that is aimed at your comfort. This patented design flexes in opposition to the pressure of your body weight in order to act as a shock absorber. Until now, no other traditional mattress can offer you with technology like this. This is the cause why Posturepedic pillow top mattresses are the last bed you will ever have to buy. Although it costs more than a traditional mattress, it is definitely worth the investment if you can get a great night’s sleep every single night.

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Ways you can make your Mattress last longer

From prevention to cleaning, a little attention and maintenance can go a very long way in keeping your mattress in great shape for years. Once you have invested in a quality mattress, chances are that you expect it to provide comfortable sleep for many years. The average mattress is designed to last from five to ten years, or more. Although, how it is maintained can lengthen or shorten your bed’s lifespan.

Being conscious of environmental factors and knowing the best ways to care for a bed will assist in keeping your mattress healthy, clean and offering comfortable sleep as long as possible. Below are a few ways to protect your investment by looking after your mattress and preventing catastrophe before they occur.


Ensure your mattress is correctly supported: While you might not always need to buy the matching box spring or foundation with your new mattress, it is important to make sure the mattress does have the correct support.

Beds with a frame should support the weight of sleepers and the mattress, king and queen beds should have supporting bars in the center. Platform beds with wide slats may require extra support varying on mattress weight and type.

Always use a mattress protector: A great quality mattress protector offers waterproof protection to guard accidents, spills and also reduce the amount of dirt and dust that makes its way onto your bed. This assists protecting the materials inside your bed from skin oils, sweat and damage.

Wash your linen regularly: When you sleep, you shed hair, skin cells, sweat and oils. Eating in bed leaves behind crumbs, dogs and cats can also bring in all sorts of things. Blankets and sheets should be washed every week according to most experts. The mattress protector should be washed too.

Look after your mattress when moving: When you are in the process of moving, protect your mattress from any damage by wrapping it in plastic and avoid folding. Usually, when moving a mattress, it is best to keep it upright on the sides so it does not crease or sag.

A mattresses lifespan depends on a number of factors, but following some of these practices may help you enjoy more years of healthy sleep. If you are looking for a new mattress, visit Sealy Posturepedic for a great quality, long lasting mattress.