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Sleep, learning and memory

We all know that sleep plays an important role in memory, but how exactly does it impact the learning process?

Learning and sleep

Healthy sleep is essential for learning and memory function. According to research, sleep helps learning and memory in two ways:

  1. If you are sleep-deprived you can’t focus your attention and can’t learn efficiently.
  2. Sleep plays a role in the consolidation of memory, which is essential for learning new information.

Learning can be broken down into acquisition (the introduction of new information), consolidation (the processes through which a memory becomes stable) and recall (the ability to access the information after it has been stored). Each of these steps is crucial for precise memory function.

Acquisition and recall only happen during wakefulness, and memory consolidation happens during sleep when the neural connections that form memories are strengthened.

Sleep stages and memory

Early sleep and memory research focused on declarative memory or fact-based memory. Scientists considered that rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, played a significant role in the acquisition of learned material as well as in declarative memory processes, provided the information is complex and emotionally charged.

Slow-wave sleep (SWS), which is deep, restorative sleep, also plays a vital role in declarative memory by processing and consolidating newly acquired information.

Sleep plays a critical role in learning new tasks that require motor coordination and performance. Motor learning seems dependant on the lighter stages of sleep, while certain types of visual learning depend on the amount and timing of deep, slow-wave and REM sleep.

Sleep deprivation and learning

When you are sleep deprived, your attention, focus and vigilance drift and it is more difficult to receive information. Over-worked neurons can’t function to coordinate information properly, and you lose the ability to access previously learned information. Furthermore, you lose the ability to make sound decisions because you can’t accurately assess the situation, plan accordingly, and choose the correct behaviour.

Sleep deprivation can also negatively impact your mood, which also has ramifications for learning.

Rest to remember

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Creating the best environment for sleep

The ideal sleeping environment is a space that is safe, comfortable and relaxing. Engage your senses to create conditions that combine to give you the best night’s sleep.

Guided by sight

When it comes to sight in the context of a bedroom, it specifically relates to light and dark. For a good night’s sleep, especially when it comes to falling asleep, a dark room is the best. Avoid light from electronic devices and outside. Gradual exposure to light will lead to a gentler wake-up. If you have to choose, choose dark. After a good night’s sleep, you’ll wake up refreshed.

Tuned into sound

Some people need complete silence to fall asleep. Others may need white noise, calming music or a soothing voice. For these people, there are various apps that can be downloaded. Simply set a timer for the app to stop playing, turn on the “Do not disturb” feature on your phone, switch off the screen and place the device out of the way and relax. It is important that the external noise doesn’t continue throughout the night, as it can disturb sleep.

Comfortable earplugs are essential if you prefer silence, especially to block out snoring sounds or loud neighbours.

Feel the touch

Arguably the most important part of sleep is physical comfort and it starts with the correct mattress. Your mattress needs to be supportive and this becomes more important as you age. Naturally, you should always choose a Sealy.

Next, you need linens that feel good against your skin. A silk pillowcase can be cooling and is recommended for improved skin and hair condition. In winter you might want some brushed flannel sheets to cuddle up in.

Sheets, blankets and duvet are very personal preferences. If your covers are too warm, you’ll wake up sweating. Some people may also prefer a weighted blanket to calm the body.

Finally, open a window or keep your room cool, to drift off to sleep easily. A temperature of 15-21°C is recommended for optimal sleep.

The sweet smell of sleep

Aromatherapy can make a room more inviting and relax the body in preparation for sleep. A diffuser with pure lavender, vanilla, or ylang ylang essential oils, will calm the body and quiet the mind. If you use a diffuser with a tealight or an aromatherapy candle, make sure the flames are extinguished before you go to bed. You can also find a sleep or pillow spray mist at homeware and sleep stores.

Sleep tight

If you need more advice on getting better sleep, including what size bed you should get, visit our website today.

How sleep affects your relationships

We all know someone who turns into an irritable and snarky creature when they haven’t had enough sleep. Maybe you are that person. Sleep is essential for our health and ensuring our bodies function at their best. It also helps us being fresh and focused and affects all of our relationships. And we don’t mean only your romantic relationships.

These are the ways a good night’s sleep make us better people.

Sleep helps us avoid loneliness

We know that loneliness can lead to poor sleep, but did you know the opposite is also true?

Research has shown that people who had a bad night’s sleep want more space between themselves and strangers. This is because brain circuits associated with social repulsion react more strongly, while the firing or circuits that help us determine the intention of someone, are diminished. People who lack sleep are more socially avoidant and maintain greater social distances. As a result, the participants who slept less, reported feeling lonelier.

Sleep helps us empathise

Having emotional empathy means we can feel what another person is feeling. If a friend feels sad, the sadness resonates with you on some level and you want to try to make her feel happier.

Again, poor sleep negatively affects the parts of our brain devoted to emotional empathy.

Another research study showed that people who reported good sleep were significantly more empathic toward people in distress, even if they didn’t know those people. In a romantic relationship, this means a good night’s sleep will allow you to more accurately read your partner’s emotions and empathise better.

Sleep helps us be calm

A lack of sleep can take your irritability to the next level of aggressive and angrier behaviour.

Research participants who were split between maintaining or restricting their sleep over two days, were given difficult tasks to execute while in a noisy environment, bound to make them irritated. Those with less sleep became much angrier during the task and remained disturbed by the noise. Less sleep can also aggravate risk factors for aggression. Your anger may be completely out of control, you tend to brood over upsetting events or you might become hypervigilant of danger.

Sleeping better helps us have more self-control so we don’t lash out at others.

Sleep helps us be less prejudiced

This seems incredible, but a lack of sleep affects the mental processes involved in interacting with people who are different from us.

The previous points come into play. When you’re well-rested you are more willing to approach people, be empathetic and feel less prone to anger. These factors have all been tied to less discrimination in various studies. In addition, we’re less likely to feel rejected when we sleep better.

Be the best you

Everyone could benefit from being better rested and having well-rested people in their lives. Sealy knows that you can’t feel your best if you don’t sleep your best. Find out more about our commitment to sleep and discover your new bed today.

Signs of an overtired baby

An overtired baby has a harder time falling and staying asleep. Find out how to know if your baby is overtired and what you can do to get your baby to sleep.

Getting a baby to sleep under the best of circumstances can be tricky, but when your little one is overtired, it can be even more difficult. That’s because overtired babies have a harder time settling down for sleep, sleep only intermittently and wake up more often throughout the night.

What to look out for

Overtired babies have a hard time settling down for sleep. They wake up more often during the night and this means they sleep less and less well. It becomes an exhausting cycle and sleep training an overtired baby is extremely difficult.

Sometimes there are obvious signs that your baby is overtired. Here are some of the more subtle signs to look out for:

  • Your baby has a hard time settling down for sleep
  • Your baby takes brief catnaps not full-blown naps
  • Your baby doesn’t get a lot of sleep at night
  • Your baby is very fussy or cranky
  • Your baby seems unable to deal with pain or frustration
  • Older babies are prone to more meltdowns
  • Your baby falls asleep in the high chair while eating or when s/he’s placed in the stroller, even if it’s not naptime and at random times during the day.

How much sleep does your baby need?

This is how much sleep a baby needs by age:

  • At 1 month old your baby should get 14 to 17 hours of sleep during the day. This is usually eight to nine hours at night with the balance as naps during the day.
  • A 2-month-old baby needs to get a total of 12 to 16 hours of sleep a day, with most of it happening at night and four to eight hours in daytime naps.
  • At 3 months your baby should get nine to 10 hours of sleep at night and a few one-and-a-half to two-hour naps during the day.
  • By 4 months your baby’s daytime naps should total three or four hours and nighttime sleep should be between 10 and 11 hours.
  • When approaching 6 months your baby should be sleeping between nine and 11 hours at night with two long naps during the day.

Preventing overtiredness

It’s easy to read these tips and more difficult to practice them. Hopefully, this will help you to prevent your baby from getting overtired.

  • Watch for sleep cues such as eye rubbing, ear or hair pulling, crankiness and yawning. Put your baby down for a nap or bedtime as soon as you see these signs of being tired.
  • Try to stick to a consistent bedtime routine at night and cultivate similar habits before naps. This will help your baby recognise the transition from awake time to sleep time.
  • Stop overstimulating about half an hour before your baby’s sleep times. End playtime and move to a quiet area.

Getting an overtired baby to sleep

These are some strategies to try:

  • Learn your baby’s sleep patterns. This depends on age, but try to get your baby down before his/her usual bedtime. Also, take note of your baby’s “wake windows” – the amount of time they can handle being awake. New-borns are generally only wide awake for a few minutes every hour and at three months babies should be able to stay awake for about two hours. Keep in mind that every baby is different.
  • Even if your baby seems reluctant to sleep, go through your normal bedtime routine to signal it’s time for sleeping.
  • If your baby is younger than eight weeks old, try swaddling and a dark, silent room.

Once your baby’s sleep routine is back on track you can consider sleep training.

Baby’s best sleep

Sealy’s baby cot mattresses are specially made for little ones, using only top quality, natural, non-allergenic materials. Find out more about the difference a cot mattress from Sealy makes.

Meeting the challenges that face the hospitality industry

The challenges currently facing the hospitality industry in South Africa and across the world are immense so why, you may think, would a change of beds make any difference?

Well, when you consider that it’s a bed that your guests will likely spend the most time on during their stay, it makes sense to provide one that is not only exceptionally comfortable and welcoming, but also one that is reassuring in terms of health and safety.

That’s where our beds demonstrate their clear superiority. With ranges that are specifically made to meet both the demanding needs of the hospitality industry and the desires of discerning guests, there is the guaranteed comfort that comes with having made the right choice.

Bravo Group Sleep Products manufactures three of the country’s most well-known and beloved brands – Sealy, Edblo and Slumberland – each with their own distinct character and construction. But when it comes to what’s required to meet the rigours of the hospitality industry they all have a few vital features in common.

Durability. Guests come in all shapes and sizes and they can be tough on beds, so it’s critical that our beds are made to last and deliver consistent levels of support at all times. To achieve this we add an extra level of robustness into the manufacture of our hospitality beds.

Comfort. The last thing any establishment wants is for a guest to have an uncomfortable night’s sleep. Our bed brands are built with a well-earned reputation for comfort – the kind that makes it a delight to go to bed at night, and a reward to wake up the next morning rested and refreshed.

Healthy. Perhaps more important than ever before, establishments need to reassure their guests that their beds are hygienic to sleep on – an area where our beds truly excel. No matter which of our brands you choose, your guests will enjoy the benefits of anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, bug shield protection.

Incorporating the latest advances in health-promoting fabrics and long-lasting protective treatments, our hospitality beds will provide guests (and you) with a high level of healthy reassurance at a time when it’s a top priority.

Given the heightened need to reassure guests that every step towards enhancing their protection and comfort has been taken, it would be a strategic move for establishments to replace their existing beds with ones that are made to meet the needs of a changing world. And to make it a selling point.

Why Sealy Is Able To Improve Sleep Quality

Sealy is a bed manufacturing and bed supplying business with the goal of ensuring that each and every person is able to get the best amount of sleep possible.

Sleep is something which some of us can take lightly, not thinking about how sleep affects the way we operate on a day to day basis.

Whether you are choosing the best mattress or the best comfortable pillows, you need to prioritise your health.

Sleep is one of the best ways of doing so as it helps to deal with the healing process of your mind and body.

It also allows you to work at an optimum level day in and day out.

Why Buying Luxury Beds Will Benefit You Long Term

When thinking about a bed many may feel as if you buy something which is cost-effective as it isn’t something which holds too much importance.

Where for some items this may be true, a bed is something which you should really focus on and spend that extra cash.

A quality bed is something which will not only allow you to sleep more comfortably but will also allow you to sleep much more peacefully.

Getting the proper amount of sleep enhances the way you feel, think and plan the next day. Luxury beds will assist you in providing comfort and support.

Buying beds with comfortable mattresses may seem as if it is all simply for comfort, however, your body will thank you when it feels rested and is able to take on the next day efficiently.

Not only are comfortable mattresses, well, more comfortable, they also give you a fabric which is able to breathe. When a mattress can breathe is allows for the proper amount of airflow.

This will keep you cool during those hot summer days, especially in South Africa.

Luxury beds are also made from materials which do not possess any harmful chemicals which means that when you are sleeping, your body and lungs will not be absorbing anything dangerous.

With the option of firm and soft mattresses, Sealy wants to offer you a bed which will work for you, supporting you and your needs as opposed to just simply giving you a mattress.

What Can Adjustable Beds Do For You?

If you experience pain during sleep, the best thing for you to do is to find a bed which will allow you to alleviate such pain.

On top of this, it is a lot simpler to purchase a bed which will help you in the long run, than to go and get massages week in and week out, spending a lot of money.

Buying an adjustable bed can actually save you money and stress when looking to help in relieving yourself from pain or discomfort.

Purchasing the best comfortable pillows, from a company such as Sealy, will also ensure that you are in a position where you can sleep nicely but also effectively.

There are 10 health benefits when choosing to buy an adjustable bed.

These are decreasing back pain, relieving sleep apnea, asthma and snoring, decreasing acid reflux and heartburn, decreasing insomnia, improving digestion, circulation, improving arthritis, relieving leg swelling, improving energy and self-reliance.

Decreasing Back Pain

Back pain is a major concern, especially as you get older, as it can limit your movement and decrease the amount of activity you are able to do in a day.

Of course, there are other methods in order to fully alleviate back pain, such as stretching, exercise and eating better.

However, buying an adjustable bed can help you to not only decrease the amount of pressure on your back during sleep, but it also helps you in building a stronger posture, which works alongside stretching and exercise.

Whether you are looking for soft or firm mattresses, Sealy is able to provide the right bed, including an adjustable one, for the right price and with the support that you need.

Relieving Sleep Apnea, Asthma And Snoring

There are ailments which may not be as noticeable to others, such as sleep apnea and asthma, as well as snoring, which can affect the quality of sleep that you are getting.

Now, where back pain can leave a lasting mark on how you go about dealing with the next day, sleep apnea, asthma and snoring are all able to decrease your energy levels and in some cases can lead to death.

Seeking medical help from a professional can help you to discuss how you will go about dealing with the above issues, however, buying an adjustable bed has been known to help in decreasing and improving sleep apnea, asthma and snoring.

Decreasing Acid Reflux And Heartburn

Whether you choose to buy an adjustable bed or pocket spring beds, you will need to ensure that you are purchasing a bed which is going to benefit you in the long run.

What this means is that beds are not something which is bought a week in and week out, every couple of years you might buy a new bed.

If you suffer from ailments, you will want to get a bed which will help you to decrease or altogether eliminate these ailments.

Decreasing acid reflux and heartburn, when you sleep and throughout the day, will help you in living a far more active and freeing life.

Buying an adjustable bed has been knowing to help in decreasing and alleviating such problems as it puts you in a position where you are able to sleep much more openly.

Decreasing Insomnia

Insomnia is something which we have all suffered from, to a lesser or greater degree, with one of the major reasons for insomnia being an uncomfortable or non-supportive bed.

Seeking professional help from a doctor is always a bonus but by looking into a proper adjustable bed, alongside the best comfortable pillows, you will be setting yourself up for comfort and support.

This will almost certainly improve your sleep pattern, also improving your energy and mood the next day.

Not only will your mood and energy be lifted, your emotions and problems solving will also be improved as having a proper sleep cycle will improve your day today.

Improving Digestion

If you decide to choose soft mattresses for your bed or firm mattresses, the fact that you are choosing to use a mattress which will improve your sleep and other internal factors will help you to live a more rounded life.

Digestion is something which many people struggle with and it is interesting to note that your bed can either helper hurt it.

If you have digestive issues, looking into buying an adjustable bed, which helps in improving your digestion could help you to improve the way in which you live your life overall.

Improving your digestion can improve the way in which your body processes food, which will supply you with more nutrients.


Buying adjustable beds helps with your blood circulation, giving you the proper amount of support when you need it.

Circulation is vital as without the proper amount off blood going to your limbs, brain and organs, your body could experience fatigue, as well as slowly starting to shut down.

Now, where fatigue is much more common, feeling groggy is something which demotivates anyone, leaving you with a sense of laziness.

This can also cause psychological problems as you may feel as if you are caught in a rut.

Choosing the right adjustable bed, whether it be a soft or firm mattress, can help in circulating our blood and oxygen the right amount.

Improving Arthritis

A major concern for older people is arthritis, something which affects the joints, making it difficult to use your hands, feet and an overall mobility decrease.

Buying an adjustable bed is not only good for those who have arthritis but it can also help in decreasing the chances of you getting arthritis as there is less pressure on your joints when sleeping.

Morning stiffness can increase the chances of joint pain which can lead to arthritis. By ensuring that you are sleeping in a bed which is providing the support necessary to your condition, you will see improvement in leaps and bounds.

If you have already bought an adjustable bed, be sure to check out Sealy’s beds for babies, as the same support and comfort which you have will benefit your child as well.

Relieving Leg Swelling

Leg swelling, which can come from a lack of support, which may be causing a lack of blood flow and circulation, can be dangerous if not treated.

You should seek medical advice alongside buying an adjustable bed as it has been known to help decrease, and altogether eliminate leg swelling.

An adjustable bed helps in that it places your body in a way which will decrease pressure on your joints, muscles, organs and arteries.

Where pocket spring beds can also help in alleviating pressure, if you already have a condition, buying an adjustable bed would be most beneficial.

Sealy offers a wide range of choices from firm to soft mattresses all the way to beds for babies.

Improving Energy

As mentioned above, when getting a better nights sleep you will already feel as if you have more energy and focus the next day.

Where this is the cade, having a good sleep cycle, night in and night out, will do more than just give you energy.

It is proven that sleeping better, whether using an adjustable bed or not, will improve your mental, emotional and physical ability.

If you are someone who suffers from a poor sleep pattern, due to pain or other conditions, not only is it better for you to buy an adjustable bed, it also helps you to take on the next day.

Self Reliance

Buying an adjustable bed is not just about getting a bed which will help you to feel better, sleep better and function better, it also gives you a sense of liberation.

Where before you may have needed assistance in getting into and out of bed, an adjustable bed is designed in such a way that you will be able to trust in yourself to do the job.

You will be able to take your body into your own hands and feel independent. The most important thing for Sealy is that you are sleeping and waking up in comfort.

On top of this, if you are looking for mattress protectors, Sealy has you got you and your bed covered.

If you are looking for beds and pillows which will improve your sleep, look at purchasing from Sealy.


With great power comes great responsibility, and Sealy understands that having the best and most advanced mattresses, pillows and accessories comes with the responsibility of always innovating and improving.

Where this may be pressure to some businesses, Sealy understands that this pressure is more a gift than a curse, as they are able to continuously find ways of helping people sleep better.

Not only will people be able to sleep better but their ailments and conditions will be able to be improved as with the right support and comfortability, there’s every chance your sleep will improve.

Contact Sealy For More Information

Sealy provides the best quality beds, with their goal to give you what you want, be it firm or soft mattresses, as well as adjustable beds. You’ll feel the difference when you sleep on a Sealy bed.

If you would like to purchase Seally products you can contact them here, Sealy, for more information.

The secret life of your hotel pillow

For most of us, we do not give much thought to our hotel pillow. It takes a night of uncomfortable sleeping positions and angry pillow kneading in a failed attempt to create matter where none exists to emphasize the pillows actual significance. But there is quite a lot to know about these underrated accoutrements of the travel biz.

There is a lot more to pillows than just pillows, as the vice president for brand operations at Wyndham Hotel Group, Keith Pierce tells us.

Below are some factors to think about when visiting your next hotel.

1. That pillow tag that always gets in the way. It fought smallpox

Those tags that are attached to comforters and pillows in the United States that list the exact amounts of fills, be they down or foam. It is known as a law label, according to the International Association of Bedding and Furniture Law Officials.

While this may seem like red tape government business, it is actually a product all the way back from the 1800s when some business people were stuffing mattresses and pillows with old and used hospital blankets that may have been carrying tuberculosis and smallpox.

2. The pillow in your hotel is probably a lot younger than your pillow at home

A synthetic pillow can last more or less 18 to 24 months when laundered and cared for properly, while a feather or down pillow can last you more or less 24 to 36 months, according to Kris Beck at Hilton Worldwide.

5. Not all rock stars trash their hotel rooms the same way

Tomsky tells the story where a singer of a rock band asked for 15 pillows for his bed. They pilled all 15 pillows onto his bed as he requested. The very next morning, they were laying all over the floor as you obviously cannot sleep on all of them. But who was it? Bon Jovi? The Nudge? Steven Tyler? Styx warbler Dennis De Young? Or maybe Meatloaf? When pressed for the name, Tomsky was discreet as a true hotelier and declined to provide any personal information concerning any of his guests.

7. You could have a personalized hotel pillow

When at the Beverly Hills Peninsula, VIP, suite and villa guests, and guests who have stayed on the property for five days or more, will get to sleep on pillowcases that have been monogrammed with their initials.

The Beverly Hills Peninsula has over 1000 pillowcases on hand at all times and a variety of initial combinations, though for those who have the rare names, monogramming a new pillow will only take about 10 minutes.

When guests leave the hotel, they can take their monogrammed pillowcases with them or they can have them boxed by the hotel for their next stay at the hotel.

How Many Pillows Should I Sleep With?

This may seem like a trick question, but when you are having trouble sleeping, it is definitely something to consider. How many pillows should I sleep with? Well, the answer is actually pretty simple.

While each person has different sleep needs, most of us only need one good, comfortable pillow in order to have a healthy amount of neck support. The tricky part is finding that pillow that is just right for you. In the below guide, we talk about everything you may need to find the right pillow that offers your head and neck the support and comfort it needs.

The function of your pillow

Just like a good quality mattress, the primary goal of a pillow is to keep your head, spine, and neck in alignment. Proper posture and healthy spinal alignment have a big influence on your overall sleep health, almost more than anything else does. Many of your aches and discomfort probably stem from misalignment of the spine and in order to get a proper nights rest and feel great in the morning, you need to nurture your spine.

When buying yourself a new pillow or mattress, you should always consider your sleep preferences, as your pillow, mattress, and sleep style all play a very important role in reinforcing a healthy spine. Below, we discuss what the right type of pillow and different sleeping positions can do.  

The pillow for your sleeping position

The right pillows for you will offer the correct amount of support while also cushioning your head and neck comfortable. When judging the amount of support a pillow gives, pay attention to the firmness and softness. Loft usually refers to the height of the pillow, where the firmness indicates how soft it feels. Do not forget that your body type plays a big role too. The size of your head and the width of your shoulders also influence the ideal loft to keep your neck straight.

If you sleep on your side

Most people sleep on their sides, with more or less 70% of the population preferring to sleep this way. While most people who sleep on their sides use two pillows, they would actually benefit more from finding one good quality pillow that perfectly fills the gap between the neck and the shoulders.

In most cases, comfortable pillows for those who sleep on their sides are usually between 3 and 6 inches tall and firm. Regardless of what your personal preferences are, your pillow should always be firm enough to keep your head in line with the rest of your body. A pillow that is too soft or too firm can lead to soreness and headaches. Contouring pillows are ideal for those who sleep on their sides and do not know how thick their new pillow should be. Contouring pillows have two slopes, each of a different thickness, which allows you to try either side to see which is most comfortable for you.

If you sleep on your back

Low to medium-loft pillows are best for people who sleep on their backs, this can be anywhere from 1 to 5 inches thick.

People who sleep on their backs have an advantage when it comes to the health of their spines, as they are laying down in the most relaxed, natural position for the back. Because of this, one good pillow for those who sleep on their backs will properly hold their heads in place between the shoulders. A pillow that is too thin could cause your neck to crane backwards while a pillow that is too tall could push your chin forwards and cause soreness. If you sleep on your back, you would benefit from a pillow with a concaved centre, as it will help hold your head in place while you sleep and prevent waking up with a stiff neck.

If you sleep on your stomach

If you sleep on your stomach, you will be limited to only sleeping on very thin pillows; you will need to find pillows that are less than 3 inches thick. While some people find it comfortable to sleep without any pillows, putting a single pillow under your head could help keep your spine straight. If you sleep on your stomach and use a pillow that is too tall, it will push your neck back towards your spine, and this will create unnecessary discomfort.

A pillow that allows someone sleeping on their stomach to sleep face down, like the pillows you see at a massage spa with a hole in it, is ideal. However, not many people would enjoy sleeping in this position. To prevent future back pains and to get a good night’s rest, we would recommend converting to side or back sleeping, as sleeping on your stomach is not good for the body.

Using an adjustable bed to change your sleeping style

When we jump into bed every night, we naturally assume the position that is the most comfortable for our bodies. Changing the position in which you sleep is generally easier said than done, but it is not impossible.

While sleeping in an adjustable bed is generally seen as a luxurious way to upgrade your night’s rest, they can actually be useful tools when it comes to modifying your sleeping position and habits.


An adjustable bed will allow you to change up the angle of your head and your feet, allowing you to have full flexibility in order to find the most comfortable angle to sleep on your side or your back.

When are two pillows necessary

Most of us have more than one pillow on our beds, So what should we do with our extra pillows? While you will only need one pillow under your head, you can make use of your other pillows by putting them elsewhere for body support.

Nearly 31 million Americans suffer from lower back pain on any given day, it is one of the leading reasons people call in sick to work. Apart from buying the very best mattress for your back, pillows can also help in easing the discomfort in your back regardless of how you sleep.

–      Side sleepers who suffer from chronic back pain can put pillows under their knees and ribs in order to reinforce healthy spinal alignment.

–      When sleeping on your back, often you will have a gap between your lower back and the mattress. Putting a pillow under your knees can help your lower back sink deeper into the bed, straightening your spine and helping with back pain.

–      If you sleep on your stomach, you can help prevent your torso from sinking too far into your mattress by putting an additional pillow under your stomach for some extra support.

If you are one of the many people who suffer from frequent back pain, you should definitely invest in a memory foam pillow. Memory foam is excellent for easing any discomfort and preventing new aches and pains. A memory foam pillow will be more expensive than your usual pillow, but the benefits it will provide are unmatched.

Apart from helping with lower back pain, pillows can also be used to improve your sleeping posture in other ways. Those who sleep on their sides can get a better night’s sleep by putting a pillow between their knees; this helps enforce a straighter pelvis. Additionally, body pillows can offer comfort to pregnant women, as they will help support under the stomach, behind the back and below the knees.

The extra pillow on your bed could also be used as a head or backrest while you are watching your TV show before bed; just remember to toss them on the floor when you fall asleep.

Are you ready to have the best night sleep now? We hope that our article has helped in understanding everything you may need to know to get the most out of your pillows. And while that pile of pillows look great on your bed, you only need one for your neck.

At Sealy Specialist Sleep Centre, we offer a variety of pillows and other sleep accessories for you to choose from. We know how important a good night’s sleep is which is why we only sell the very best quality products. To find out more about what we have to offer, visit our website on           

Improving Your Mattress Can Improve Your Sleep

How Mattresses Came To Be

Sleeping on a mattress is something which most of us take for granted, with bed stores found nationwide, and with the choice of different makes and kinds of mattresses to choose from today.

We may think that the use of mattresses for comfort while resting and sleeping is something which has been around for a short period in our history.

Looking back in time, we see that a type of mattress has been used even during our earliest human civilisations.

Of course, thousands of years ago there weren’t any bed stores selling mattresses, but there were forms of these items.

77 000 years ago we see the use of a form of a mattress which was made up of reeds and grass which was bundled together in order to make up a structure which would be rested upon.

This mattress was about the size of a normal single bed mattress and was seen to have also used materials which would keep insects away.

As time went on, and humans began to manufacture more things, we see that around 3000 and 1000 BC the Egyptians began to developed raising structures in order for their mattresses to be off the ground.

These bed frames were made from wood and were created to keep individuals off the ground away from insects and other creatures which could harm them.

The upper class had their beds made of ebony, a status simple was now being formed in the shape of beds.

Today we have beds made of different materials with different support designs being installed in order to ensure that you are getting the most out of your mattress.

With stores selling, beds found all across the country, including bed stores KwaZulu Natal, one of the best choices for your sleep is to choose from Sealy Sleep Centre products.

These beds are designed to provide comfort and support for their users and any bed store businesses looking to start supplying Sealy to their clients will see the difference in quality.

The Benefits Of Sleeping On A Sealy

Sealy Sleep Centre provides bed stores with top quality mattresses and pillows which have been designed and innovated to help people sleep with the best comfort and assistance.

There is actually proven reasons why Sealy beds in the top quality bed supplier they are.

Their design and focus on making the best range of mattresses are why bed stores want to purchase them.

Bed stores that purchase Sealy beds will have a variety of options all with the support and structure that will have clients improving their sleep patterns.

With choices such as firm, plush and ultra-plush, you are able to offer your customers choice in the beds they want.

These beds will all have a great degree of support, with cushioning levels changing depending on the type.

If your bed stores Gauteng or in any other area, you will be able to purchase high performing beds that will fly off of your shelves.

Sealy beds are designed to complement each individual person, designed to feel fresh and new, yet still, give you that comfort feeling.

Bed stores should highlight the fact that Sealy mattresses are innovated to support a person’s needs, such as back support, which a lot of other mattresses cannot.

The Benefits Of Comfort

Sealy beds, which can be found in bed stores across the country, offer many advantages.

One big advantage is the ability to allow a constant body temperature.

Some beds seem to hold heat a lot more than others and having a bed which is too hot or too cold will leave your suffering as the seasons change.

Keeping you cool through the night will ensure that you have a deep sleep, which will improve your time out of the bed.

Bed stores KwaZulu Natal, among other stores, can boast that the Sealy mattress is designed to promote airflow which benefits customers during those hot summer nights.

The Sealy approved gel memory foam,  has been carefully designed in order to provide bed stores with a high-quality mattress that will reset their support, giving consumers the same feel night after night.

The comfort, of course, is a big factor when choosing to buy a mattress, with so many options and so many varying prices.

Sealy guarantees that their mattresses do not only provide more support but, using mini pillow coils, give their users a bed to relax in.

Mattresses are big investments as they are not items which you buy every year, not even every two years.

Sealy offers mattresses to bed stores Gauteng, and internationally, which are reliable, resilient and has a lifespan which is longer than most mattresses.

The Benefits Of Support

Sealy has developed technology which is able to provide support specific to each individual, this is very helpful as many people suffer from back, hip, shoulder and neck pain.

Most of this comes as a result of sleeping on a mattress which is not fully supporting key areas of your body.

Sleeping incorrectly can affect your mood and your productivity levels in the day. Bed stores across South Africa should ensure that customers understand how beneficial a Sealy mattress can be.

Another benefit is that the coils used in Sealy mattresses actually offer less motion when one moves in the bed.

This can benefit couples who may otherwise feel every movement from their significant other, decreasing the value of their rest.

Finally, Sealy has designed their mattresses with technology which offers support in the sense that there is no real way of feeling like you will slip or roll-off.

Bed stores and their owners will find that these mattresses are designed not for the purpose of selling, but for the purpose of making sure that people are getting what they paid for, sleep

6 Tips When Buying A Mattress

Research Online

Before stepping out the door to a bed store, take a look at their catalogue and see if they are selling beds which offer you what you’re looking for.

As mentioned above bed stores which offer Sealy mattresses have done their research into understand what goes into making a bed the best it can be.

Speak To Your Doctor

Speaking to your doctor will provide you with much-needed information on which types of mattresses to look for.

Sealy has essentially spoken to a doctor as they have created a mattress which is tailor-made for every person, offering the best support in all areas.

Bed stores understand that Sealy is as close to perfect as you can get and will be able to provide you with a bed which is best suited to your support needs.

Don’t Get Sucked In By Stunts

There are places which will try and sell beds with the guarantee that they are the highest of quality and offer the best support when in fact these beds are just being overpriced and are low quality.

Bed stores KwaZulu Natal and across the country do not need to do this as Sealy beds offer all of the marketing and advertising points you need.

Try The Mattress Out

Test drive the mattress to see if all the hype and selling points are valid.

The best way to know if a mattress is for you is to go and see if you feel comfortable and supported on it.

Bed stores offer this tryout and checking if a Sealy is what you want will leave customers seeing why they guarantee airflow, support and comfortability.

Sealy doesn’t use nice words to get bed stores and customers to buy their product, the only words they can use to describe their product are nice ones.

Firm Isn’t Always Better

Firm mattresses work for some and don’t for others. With this, there is a difference between stone hard and firmness which offers support while also allowing you to feel as if you are on a bed that you can sleep in.

Bed stores should look to Sealy in terms of the range of different types of beds they provide, all designed to fit the needs of the consumer, as the consumer will be using the final product.

Everyone Needs A Different Pillow

Pillows are just as important as mattresses as the combination of both will give individuals the best sleep possible.

Bed stores will be able to sell Sealy mattresses and pillows which have both been focused on, innovated and designed to fit the purposes of every single person.

These products are made to last long and not wither in a short period of time.

The benefit is that alongside your mattress, your pillow is also made to last years rather than months.

A Good Day Starts In Bed

Waking up after not having slept well, either by constantly waking up during the night or feeling uncomfortable in your bed, will leave you sluggish and moody in the morning.

However, your mood is not the only thing that is affected when you do not get the proper amount of sleep.

Bed stores across the nation will be able to express how a good night’s sleep will help their clients.

There are four benefits to getting adequate sleep namely, brain sharpness, boosting your mood, the health of your heart and improving your energy.

Brain Sharpness

Having a low amount of sleep will negatively influence the way in which you process information, as your brain will not have the energy to work as fast as usual.

A proper mattress helps in this, where better sleeping patterns allow your brain to be able to learn more and hold onto more memory during the day.

Bed stores need to highlight this factor as sleep is not just to rest the body and mind, but it prepares it for the incoming day ahead.

Boosting Your Mood

Deep sleep allows time for your emotions to be processed and is important for all of the stresses of the day to be decompressed.

This period of sleep is actually a huge benefit as it influences the way you tackle the next day. A lack of sleep can increase the chance of mood swings and irrational thoughts and behaviour.

The best thing for bed store owners and employees to do is to ask their client if they have a bad sleep pattern, as this will allow them to offer mattresses, such as the quality ones from Sealy.

This benefits both parties as the whole goal should be to get people sleeping the right amount of hours so their days can be the best it can be.

The Health Of Your Heart

Ensuring that you are getting an adequate amount of sleep for your body will help in lowering your blood pressure and decreasing the chances of any heart-related diseases.

Giving your heart a break, meaning that it doesn’t have to work at full gear for longer than needed, will give it some downtime, like dealing with your emotions, which will improve your heart’s health.

Providing your heart with this rest will have amazing results when you wake up, another reason bed stores should be promoting high-quality mattresses.

Improving Your Energy

As a bed store owner, buying mattresses such as Sealy, will help their consumers to achieve their athletic goals as a good mattress, combined with good sleep, will give more energy.

The better energy a person has the better output of the energy they can give, meaning that their gym time will be used to the highest degree, getting them closer to their goals.

More energy is better as running on half a tank anywhere, be it in the office, at home or during physical activity will also decrease the chances of any injuries being sustained.

Contact Sealy Sleep Centre For More Information

Sealy Sleep Centre provides businesses and consumers with the highest quality mattresses and pillows, with the focus on ensuring that everyone is able to get the most out of their mattress. It all starts with a good night’s rest. Contact Sealy Sleep Centre for more information.

The Importance of mattress and pillow protectors in the hospitality industry.

Although we live in a society where sharing is caring, this is not extended to the sharing of germs, bacteria and lice. For the avid traveller, this is often a huge concern when visiting guesthouses, hotels and Bed and Breakfasts.

Although, bedsheets, linen and pillowcases are changed regularly, can you be certain that the bed your guests are laying on is just as hygienic and germ-free?

Ensuring beds and mattresses are not hiding any surprises.

To combat the fear of your guests laying their heads on lice filled pillowcase or cuddling up to bed bug crawlers, we suggest purchasing Mattress and Pillow Protectors. Although, you may offer new bedding to each new visitor to ensure the bedding is rid of dirt, stains, etc, sometimes that extra precaution is needed to ensure bacteria; germs and lice stay at bay.

We all know how one bad review from an unhappy guest can ruin a business. Ensure that your guests are always covered and your business is covered by providing them with a Safe, Clean and Hygienic sleeping experience with each visit. Protection against Bacteria, Dust-mites and Bed Bugs.

Mattress and Pillow Protectors not only protect your guests from unhygienic encounters, but they are also designed to preserve the longevity of your mattress. Ensuring that your occupants are sleeping on a “comfy” mattress and a fluffy pillow many years after its purchase.

Cleaning a mattress and pillow not only ruins its longevity but it can be a daunting task for anyone. Mattress and Pillow Protectors are easy to apply and remove but even easier to clean, with many of them being tumble- drier safe.

Where to now?

Looking to get covered? At Sealy Posturepedic, we have you covered from corner to corner. Fully Elasticized 4-way stretch Mattress and Pillow Protectors for easy application. If you are looking to get covered, visit us at

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