Calculate how much sleep you’ve lost to parenthood

Calculate how much sleep you’ve lost to parenthood

You know how tired you feel, but do you know how tired you actually are?

It’s no secret that babies and young kids are sleep thieves, but I think it may be rather therapeutic to count the exact cost if you know what I mean.

Typing in your kids ages is all that’s required on the Lost Sleep Calculator for Parents.

Online interiors store Hillary’s, has allowed many new and old parents to compare their sleep debt, creating some hilarious interactions online.

Frustratingly there is no functionality that allows parents to tailor the results… so all mothers and fathers of a 1 year 6 month old baby would have to report that they have lost the same amount of sleep… 2589 hours or 108 days or 4 months to be exact.

It’s a bit of a raw deal if you were the primary carer while your partner got to sleep through the chaos… or if your baby was a catnapper that woke every two hours while your best mate’s baby slept ‘through’ at 6 weeks… or if your baby teethed for two whole long years while smiley-gym-moms baby popped out all twenty teeth in one weekend.

But even if it’s not altogether reliable or sophisticated enough to measure your life, it’s still great fun. Give it a try here.

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