How to break in your new mattress

How to break in your new mattress

Want to make the most out of your new mattress? Of course you do! Here are some of the do’s and don’ts for breaking in a new Sealy mattress, from delivery to 3 months old.

DO carry your mattress flat or on its side. It’s easier to handle and you’ll be less likely to damage the mattress.

DON’T bend your mattress as this may cause damage to the innerspring unit. Rather flex than bend the mattress when going through doorways.

DO give your new sleep set time to “air” upon removal from its plastic packaging.

DON’T remove the label on your mattress – this serves as a means of identification to establish your warranty period and rights.

DON’T panic if you chose your mattress based on how the one in the showroom felt, and now the one you have feels different. Showroom mattresses are well broken in by person after person who sat, lay and rolled on them, and are good examples of what you can expect when the waiting period is over.

DO give yourself time to adjust to the new feel and support of your new mattress… but only a week or two. You still want to be able to return your mattress to the retailer should you have bought the wrong one.

DON’T use new, tight fitting mattress protectors or sheets. These will act as a girdle and prevent the mattress from moving, stretching and conforming to your body.

DO replace the foundation when purchasing a new mattress. An old foundation may not provide sufficient support. It may appear that your new mattress is sagging when it is really the foundation, which supports the entire mattress.

DO rotate your mattress every two weeks for the first three months to prolong it’s comfort and support life. Thereafter, you can rotate your mattress every 2 months.

DON’T worry about body indentations. They are a normal occurrence in your new mattress and indicate conformance of upholstery layers to your individual body contours.

DO keep your bedding clean. We suggest using a Sealy mattress protector and occasionally vacuuming your mattress (excessive vacuuming will damage the filling and fibres contained in the upholstery layers in the mattress).

DON’T use an electric blanket that can cause compressions, sagging and may destroy the fillings and fibres of the upholstery layers.

Remember, a warranty is your protection against defective workmanship – it is not a guarantee of product life or more important, of comfort life.

Even though your current bed may have a warranty of 10 to 15 years, that doesn’t mean it will provide maximum comfort and support for that long. If your body changes or your life changes, you may need a new bed.

How to care for your new mattress

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