The Best & Worst Sleeping Positions

The Best & Worst Sleeping Positions

For something that seems so simple, sleep isn’t such a casual thing to perfect. Both too much and too little sleep has been associated to a range of health problems, from diabetes to heart disease. In addition, it’s not the amount of time you sleep that matters, but also the position you are sleeping in. This plays a great role in heartburn, snoring, and wrinkles! Let’s have a look to see if you should consider changing the position you are sleeping in.

Side Sleepers

Advantages: Doctors support sleeping on the left side throughout pregnancy as it assists circulation to the heart, benefiting both the baby and mom. For those who are not expecting, side sleeping also helps ease acid reflux and heartburn.

Disadvantages: Although sleeping on your side may be good for you, it also puts pressure on your lungs and stomach. In addition, as most side-sleepers are well aware of, this position usually causes arm numbness.

Back Sleepers

Advantages: Sleeping in a corpse pose is a blessing for your neck and spine health, as your back is straight and not strained into any position. Back sleeping also helps mattresses do the job of supporting your spine in the right way.

Disadvantages: Occasions of snoring are far more frequent when you are sleeping in this position. In addition, it is worth knowing that a supported spine does not always definitely mean a great night’s sleep.

Stomach Sleepers

Advantages: Sleeping on your stomach alleviates snoring and in most cases of sleep apnea, but that is about all the benefits of sleeping with your belly facing down at night.

Disadvantage: Dosing on the stomach is greatly regarded as the worst position to sleep in. Stomach sleeping flattens the natural shape of your spine, which may result in lower back pains.


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