When is the best time to wake up so that I can be at my best?

When is the best time to wake up so that I can be at my best?

Can you imagine a life where you did not have to wake up at any given time?

Where your waking would be based purely on our body’s needs not on your adult responsibilities?

In this blog we examine the debate surrounding what the best time to wake up really is.

Here are the two leading theories about the dream wake-up time…

Theory 1: You should wake up when your body is ready to

This theory leans heavily on the idea that sleep is good and that your body will take only the sleep it needs. It also acknowledges individual sleep needs as well as varying sleep needs within individuals.  Common sense says that on different days one will need a different amount of sleep depending on one’s current health, that day’s energy expenditure, what was eaten and what was learned.


The difficulty is in applying this theory. Very few individuals can afford the luxury of not knowing when they will wake up the next day. And many who have nothing to wake up for may find their sleep and wake up times get later and later and out of sync with light/dark cycle. This can be detrimental to their mental health or productivity.

Theory 2: You should wake up at the same time everyday

This theory is popular with those who believe in the ‘good of all’ rather than the good of the individual. Army barracks, boarding schools, Special Forces, in fact anyone working in an industrialised nation will have to fit their sleep needs into the mainstream schedule. This theory is helpful in terms of promoting regular, routine sleep which we know assists the body’s circadian rhythm.


What it does not do is acknowledge that there are many ways to skin a rabbit. Whilst some may need a strict ‘lights out’ policy others may do better with a shorter night sleep plus a day nap.

Which theory fits your idea of a good night’s sleep?

Would you sleep better if left to find your own rhythm?

Or do you need external measures such as strict sleep/wake times to get the rest you need?

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