Looking forward: Bedroom trends for 2020

Looking forward: Bedroom design trends for 2020

Looking forward: Bedroom design trends for 2020

Western Cape interior designer, Sarah Donnelly, has been designing remodelling and renovating homes for over 10 years in the UK, Ireland and here in South Africa. Sealy South Africa recently caught up with Sarah and her team at Overberg Interiors to find out more about the bedroom design trends for 2020.

Exercise, diet and routine are essential elements of good sleep hygiene, and so is bedroom design. Many people underestimate the importance of a sleep environment that promotes good sleep. In her latest blog post, Sarah discusses the latest trends in bedroom wallpaper, furniture, linen and lighting, and how with clever design you can create a sleep sanctuary you simply won’t want to leave! If you’re planning on doing home upgrades during the upcoming holidays, be sure to read Sarah’s bedroom design trends for 2020. Click here to read the blog.

In terms of bedroom environment, these tips go beyond what’s trendy and beautiful and speak specifically to creating the optimal sleep environment:

  • Nothing beats a comfortable mattress. Sealy is dedicated to constantly developing new sleep technology and creating the world’s most comfortable beds, all beautifully designed. We think our mattresses are so beautiful, you won’t want to cover them with linen! (By the way, did you know we also make our own linen? All our sheeting is made with 100% cotton Percale, with a minimum 200 thread count.)
  • Our body’s naturally follow a dark-light cycle, which means if a lot of external light comes into your room, your sleep will be affected. Invest in good quality black out curtains to help you sleep longer, especially in summer.
  • Create a more serene space by clearing out any clutter and all reminders of work.
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