Beat the dust – how to rid your bedroom of dust and dust mites

Beat the dust – how to rid your bedroom of dust and dust mites

Unfortunately, most of the dust that is found in your bedroom comes from yourself (and your pets) rather than from the outside world. As dead skin and hair cells break off they form dust -the perfect environment for dust mites to live and breed.

Dust and dust mites can interfere with your sleep: Many adults and children are allergic to dust and can suffer from symptoms such as congestion, sneezing and even snoring. A dust mite infestation will present with itchy bites and cause great disruptions to your sleep.

To get your best night’s sleep you need to beat the dust and dust mites.
Here’s your hit list, from least to most effort.

• Delay making your bed by one hour to allow the mattress and linen to air out. Dust mites love damp, dark places.

• Buy a high-quality mattress protector to trap the dust mites inside your mattress and prevent liquids from moving into your mattress.

• Use a wet cloth to dust all hard surfaces in your bedroom. Vacuum all soft furnishings and hard to reach cornices.

• Get your mattress professionally cleaned, alternately leave your mattress in the sun and fresh air once a week.

• Launder all duvet inners, mattress covers, pillows and pillowcases. The method will vary depending on the material you have chosen ie. polyester versus goose down. Ensure everything is ell dried before you make your bed again.

• Replace curtains with blinds and wipe these regularly. Alternately, remember to dust curtain rails and wash your curtains monthly.

• Ensure all clothing items are well-organised in spacious closets where air can circulate- dust mites hate fresh air and sunlight.

• Get rid of bedroom carpets altogether so that dust cannot accumulate in the fibres. Replace with loose carpets or mats that can be regularly shaken and washed.

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