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Are your finances keeping you up?

Are your finances keeping you up?

We are in a recession people! The petrol price is shooting up whilst Christmas and ‘Back-2-School’ loom just around the corner.

With many anticipating no chance of a performance bonus or even a significant annual increase it is no surprise that many are staring at the ceiling instead of falling asleep peacefully.

Today’s families just getting by, and it is no surprise that financial stress is the leading cause of burn-out and a big factor in sleeplessness.

Many workers are taking on longer work hours to try and fill the gap between what they really earn and what they need to earn. This may mean working passed their natural bedtime, working night shifts or taking on a second or third job.

Whilst much is beyond our control (like the soaring price of food) what is in our control is how we choose to spend our time and our money.

Here are some time and money savers for those feeling the pinch in these economic times

Plan Your Meals

Sit down and plan your meals for the week ahead on a Sunday. Buy only what you need to prepare these and you avoid buying take-aways or having food spoil in your fridge.

Shop Online

Shopping online is the ultimate time saver. Whilst the initial ‘set-up’ takes time you can simply edit your usual list there after. This helps you stick to buying what you need and not buying into in-store promotions to save money on items you didn’t really need to start with.

Cook in bulk

Electricity is expensive people so save on your energy costs and cook or bake in bulk. Don’t make one lasagna- make two. Don’t bake one batch of muffins- bake three! You can then set aside the pre-cooked or pre-prepared meals that live happily in the freezer until you need them.

Buy local, seasonal foods

It’s spring in SA so now is the time to tuck into avocados, bananas and strawberries. Don’t buy fruit and veg that has had to be imported (such as lemons and oranges) as we are not in that season. You will be paying a premium for foods that have travelled far.

Car Pool

It’s good for your wallet and its good for the environment too. Try to connect with a fellow student or work colleague and share the commute when possible. This could halve your travel costs!

For more helpful strategies to manage your financial anxiety visit this blog post.

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