4 Tips To Help You Sleep better With Your Pets

4 Tips To Help You Sleep better With Your Pets

There are many benefits to sleeping with your furry friend and sharing your bedroom with a pet does not mean you are destined to sleep badly.

Whilst a study from 2002 showed that 56 per cent of pet owners’ sleep was disrupted nightly to some extent by their pets thanks to snoring, wandering, whimpering and the need to “go outside” a more recent study from 2017 has shown this does not have to be the case.

“We found that as long as the dogs were not on the bed, their presence in the bedroom did not appear to be a big issue for the sleep of their owner, but on the bed was a different story” reported Psychiatrist and Neurologist, Dr Lois Krahn of the Mayo Clinic.

So if you want to get good night sleep then keeping your dog off your bed seems key.

Unable to sleep without the warmth of your furry friend? Here are some genius strategies you can employ:

  1. Invest in a dog/cat door

Some pets need to be let out more than others during the night. As nocturnal animals, cats may want to be outside rather than in for some of the night. On the other hand, dogs may want to investigate strange noises in the neighbourhood or simply go out for a wee or two. A pet door lets your animals come and go without disrupting your sleep.

  1. Groom your pet

If your pet is going to be sharing your bed, you need to keep them clean. Bad smells can actually prevent you from falling asleep, whilst pleasant smells help you to fall asleep faster. Cats are more proactive than dogs when it comes to self-cleaning but even so, you will need to schedule in regular hygiene practices for all your pets. Regular washing, teeth brushing and nail cutting will help your pet become a favoured sleep companion.

  1. Visit the vet

If you are going to be snuggling your pet for 7-9 hours a night then you should ensure that all flees, ticks and bugs are banished. Visit your vet regularly and keep your pet and your sleep in top condition.

  1. Clean your bed

If at all possible, keep your pets above the covers. This will make it far easier to keep your bed clean and hygienic. If your pets have full access to you and your sheeting then you will need to clean your mattress, bedding and blankets regularly.

What kind of pet owner are you? Where do you draw the line when it comes to sleeping with your pets?

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